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Understanding Waziristan’s Agony

By admin • May 13, 2016

A new book captures the pain civilians have endured in Pakistan’s Waziristan tribal region, where thousands have been killed and millions displaced in a convoluted conflict that saw thee region’s tribal society decimated by radical Islamists and security forces.

Mother’s Day-Tribute to all mothers

By Ghulam Qadir Khan Daur • May 10, 2016

A remarkable woman, I saw her strong and graceful while sending Baba to war and I saw tears in her eyes when I was leaving for hostel. I saw her firing a gun when Baba returned from Hajj and I saw her slaughtering a sheep when unexpected guests arrived.

Dum- Drum beaters mystery

By Ghulam Qadir Khan Daur • May 6, 2016

The Dum is not just a person, he is an institution and that is why he deserves a special mention and a need to be known better. Second only to Mashar, is the role of Dum. He is a caretaker, a barber and a cook inside the house, a messenger and an ambassador in his own right; an announcer of the first response and a social mobilizer outside the house.

Bulbul of Waziristan

By Ghulam Qadir Khan Daur • May 5, 2016

If a Bulbul can’t sing it will perish. Alas, the Bulbuls of Waziristan couldn’t sing and so they perished.

Cheegha, the book

By Ghulam Qadir Khan Daur • May 4, 2016

Funds were pumped in for the Mujahideen, arms, ammunition, criminals and terrorists; scum of the earth was off loaded on our land. The international community and our leadership converted our innocent children into monsters. This was the Afghan Jihad and the whole free world was a party to it. Once their objectives were achieved the free world carelessly walked away.
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Cheegha The Call

By Ghulam Qadir Khan Daur • December 25, 2015

A story of happiness and Romance,of curse and betrayal, from the remotest corner of the world, Waziristan.