Bulbul of Waziristan

If a Bulbul can’t sing it will perish. Alas, the Bulbuls of Waziristan couldn’t sing and so they perished.

By Ghulam Qadir Khan Daur
On May 5, 2016 At 4:30

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Bulbul of WaziristanimageThe Bulbul has stopped singing, for it sings only when there is peace and quiet, serenity and contentment. Today there is no peace and no quiet, no serenity or contentment in Waziristan; they are replaced by bomb blasts and bullet bursts, by pain and panic, so, what options are there for the poor Bulbul. It has to sing for that’s what a Bulbul does and if it can’t sing it will perish. Alas, it couldn’t sing and perish, it did... From Cheegha, The Call

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