RANRA Eye Foundation

By admin • August 19, 2013

Our Mission is: Restoration of Vision, Light and Sight. We have selected a space for a hospital at Amin colony, Landi Arbab, Kohat Road, Peshawar. With the Blessings of Allah we will erect a building with the name RANRA Eye Trust Hospital Inshahallah soon, we will extend and provide our services to Poor and Helpless Patients from Peshawar, Nurang, Bannu, waziristan free of cost We would also make an endeavour to treat referred patients from Afghanistan. May ALLAH help us to help others. May Allah enlighten our Hearts to lit up the Lives of others. Ameen If God had wanted us to dwell on mistakes made in the past, we would have been given eyes in the back of our head. Unknown source We've been losing the foundation of our customer base because their eyesight is getting worse and the books are getting harder and harder to read. ~ Jack Romanos Free Eye Services for poor / needy patients. Take care and look after by experts. Ophthalmologists leading by Dr Afzal Qadir/ Dr Akif + technical staff

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