Society for Protection of Rights of Tribes (SPORT)

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Vision: Society based on equal rights Mission: To protect the rights of the tribes and beyond To raise awareness of the tribes and empower them to recognize and secure their rights and resources Objectives:
    • To prepare the tribal youth as champions of change
    • To improve understanding of the tribal society to work for its strengthening and modernization
    • To initiate a dialogue on social integration of tribal people
    • To reduce communication deficit among tribal segments and the outside world
    • To work for the social, political and economic empowerment of the tribal society
    • To promote peace and harmony among the tribes by resolving all old disputes
    • To work for the image restoration of the tribal society
Initiatives and activities
  1. Provide common platform to NGOs, CBOs etc
  2. Education in and propagation of rights of the tribes
  3. Advocacy for peace, harmony and conflict/ dispute resolution
  4. Work for social, political and economic empowerment of tribes
  5. Mobilization of youth, provide platform for youth to groom them into champions of change
  6. Increased interaction between tribes and create a civil society

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