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The Tribal Times (TTT)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We have taken the step, now it’s for the tribals an all other stakeholders to take on the journey. We strongly feel that, at present, there is no voice of the tribal people. TTT is going to be their voice. TTT is on a mission to secure the rights of tribal people. We believe that there is a great deal of disinformation about the tribal areas. TTT will endeavor to give a true picture of the ground realities. The tribal times will be updating all interested on events taking place in the tribal areas and those taking place elsewhere but effecting tribal areas, directly or indirectly. The tribal times will debate every initiative, plan, policy and law that affects FATA and if the policy or legislation is not beneficial for the tribal areas it will advocate and mobilize public opinion against it. This is an endeavor of the tribesmen for the tribesmen. We need full support of the tribal people and all other Pakistanis who are against discrimination of any kind among the people of Pakistan. We need volunteers who can read and write English. We need all kind of reporting from the tribal areas, about the tribal areas. We welcome your articles, photographs and videos. Though not limited to, the following are some of the captions under which you may submit your articles etc: FATA Reforms FATA Administration FATA Education FATA Health FATA Development FATA Trade FATA Politics FATA Sports Opinion through letter to the Editor

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