By admin • August 25, 2011

Tied in the bond of brotherhood, we are group of dedicated tribesmen who realize that we (the tribesmen) have always been discriminated against by every government and every nation of Pakistan. Tribesmen have never been accepted as equal citizens to other Pakistanis; rather they always were and they still are just privileged aliens. Whether it was united India or it is Pakistan, tribesmen were never equal citizens, just privileged aliens   We are a group of educated tribesmen who have got together to work for securing the rights of the tribesmen. We strongly believe that:
  • It’s high time this discrimination is done away with.
  • It’s high time someone speaks for the rights of tribes.
  • It’s high time tribesmen are given equal rights.
  After independence of Pakistan in 1947 the tribesmen were made to accept the sovereignty of the British, the most hated, Sir Cunningham was brought in as their Governor, British Officers served as Political Agents and FCR was the law under which tribesmen were to be administered. Funny, tribesmen had refused to accept the sovereignty of the British, fought them for a century and rejected FCR when the British ruled India and now that they have left, tribesmen have been manupulated in to accepting neo-colonialists.   History is full of wicked betrayals and treachery at the hands of those trusted. It shouldn’t surprise us that tribesmen are betrayed. But this cannot go on forever. There has to be an end to the treachery. After thousands of deaths and millions of displacements we believe the tribesmen have done their bit. No more, sacrifice for nation, no more, unpaid soldiers or guardians of the Frontiers. No more, time is not right or the tribesmen don’t want development. No more, do more. Enough is enough. We have done more than was due of us, no one dares ask us to do more. The time to give is gone now its time to take. If rights are not given as free citizens we will mobilise tribesmen to take them by force.   Anyone who denies equal rights to the tribesmen on any pretext will be exposed and the same will be demanded at any cost. Discrimination against tribesmen is not an option anymore.   Editorial Tribal Times Founding Chairman: Ghulam Qadir khan gqkhan@thetribaltimes.com

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